REPLICANT AUDIO exists to fill the gap between professional digital modeling technology and less-than-stellar representations of legendary tones.  We are a collective of Artists, Engineers, Designers and Music Industry Professionals that have collaborated to bring you the absolute best in digital.


Officially Licensed Fortin Kemper Profiles

Mike Fortin’s disdain for digital is legendary, and our small team of artists and industry professionals intimately familiar with the MESHUGGAH, as well as Mike’s other amps, are the only people to receive the Stamp of Approval from Fortin.  These profiles have been painstakingly worked and re-worked for months to be allowed to proceed under Mike’s guidance.  Don’t waste your money on poor profiles, go to the only team with Fortin Approval, Replicant Audio.

NEW : GET 83 Studio quality Amp profiles

Killertone Studio Pack Kemper profiles were created with many of the world’s most popular guitar amplifiers.

Engineered in Austin, TX by Jason Frankhouser at Killertone Studios, each profile was designed with close attention to detail and with the different needs of Kemper users in mind.

Hi Quality Impulse Reponses

Discover the Angel and Demon packs.

One pack is dedicated to modern “djenty” midrange tones, the other is a pack based on the famous  T75 and V30 in a cross pattern, and that’s our favourite combination of speakers.

ll great productions are done with guitar sounds made by blending amps, cabs and microphones to get the final result, and the Demon pack will be an incredibly useful tool in finding that perfect mix.

Every mix and re-amp from acclaimed producer/engineer Jocke Skog’s discography from the last decade features these IRs, as well as the now infamous “How to Make Good Sound”.