Angel IRs pack

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The Angel IR pack is focused on modern,”djenty” midrange. One IR = one sound

What do you get ?

18 IR files all in 3 formats (48 + 96Khz, 44100Hz)

The Angel IR pack is focused on modern,”djenty” midrange. One IR = one sound

The character of this massive cab is truly unique in it’s focus and punch and these IR’s are the perfect representation!

This pack is made with all sorts of different settings in mind, some for leads, some for rhythm, all needing minimal EQing!

Versatile tones for any application, however, heavy tones will truly shine with this pack. This cab can be heard on many albums throughout the years.

Every mix and re-amp from acclaimed producer/engineer Jocke Skog’s discography from the last decade features these IRs, as well as the now infamous “How to Make Good Sound”


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1 review for Angel IRs pack

  1. Christopher Marron (verified owner)

    I really could not find any reviews about these IR’s. I purchased both the Angel and Demon IR’s and just kind of took a chance on them just by judging from what I heard on the SoundCloud clips they provided. Long story short these are fantastic IR’s. They are captured really well and both packs have plenty to choose from. I used a blend of both packs and created a pretty awesome tone for my mix. These IR’s will definitely help shape your tone and give you that extra sauce needed.

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